Written By: Monday, March 20th 2017

25 Things that are true if you grew up in Simcoe County

1. You waited ALL WINTER for The Barrel Works to open, knowing summer was officially here when the classic rock bands came to Balm Beach
2. You climbed the Pirate Ship at Centennial Beach and burned your legs on the back of the metal slide.
3. You’d never heard of Wing Night before Mick B’s
4. You walked into The Brule at noon during Winterama and were SHOCKED to stagger out to daylight.
5. You ate prime rib at the Barrie Racetrack and collected on your $2 bet
6. You know a time when there wasn’t even a bar in Midland and you had to go to Penetang to get a beer
7. You rode a tricycle at The Commodore during Winterama
8. You ate a hotdog from the old Concession Stand by the flags at Centennial Beach
9. You wore a string of Skee Ball tickets around your neck at the Balm Beach Arcade
10. You went to the Elmvale Flea Market on Thursdays and had dinner at The Kricklewood
11. You ordered a combination of weird drinks at The Barrel Works when David Wilcox played Canada Day and they ran out of beer with nothing else open to restock the booze
12. You not only remember Molson Park, but actually cross country skied the trails that used to be there
13. You know the best fries were at Dobbies in Little Lake Park. Beware the Seagulls.
14. You got your feet wet walking on docks that were UNDERWATER at Bay Moorings because so many people were at the Poker Run.
15. You saw a concert at The Pav
16. Your parents gave you a quarter to watch Sinbad movies and get a treat at the Roxy. You thought they were being nice but they were really dropping you off so they could drink at the cottage.

Portraits of The Past Midland

The Roxy Theatre on King St. A quarter got you a movie, popcorn and drink. Photo courtesy of Rene Hackstetter of Portraits of The Past Midland


17. You ate a Monte Crisco at The Brookdale. And went back the same night for beers.
18. You got Butter Buns at Burnie’s and walked across the street to play mini putt at Little Lake Park Photo courtesy of Rene Hackstetter of Portraits of the past Midland

Burnie’s Bakery on King Street.  Home of the famous Butter Buns!  Photo courtesy of Rene Hackstetter of Portraits of the past Midland

19. You saw the floor show at 55 Special.
20. You had a GREAT day as a kid if you got fries at the giant hotdog in Penetang AND ice cream at The Town Dock
21. You ran after the Dickie Dees carts for ice cream at the Barrie Waterfront
22. You walked from at The Commodore, up the hill to check out the band at The Brule, and then headed back down to The Commodore – in heels.

23. You spent the weekend in a beer baseball tournament at Molson Park
24. You had lunch at Lakeview Dairy
25. It’s basically a miracle you never fell drunk off the Georgian Queen


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