Written By: Tuesday, September 26th 2017

Hi! I’m CJ and this is my best friend Blake the cat. We get along splendidly.

I actually have two best friends. I really love Brodie, the teenager I live with. He’s 13.

I was actually born into this family. My mom was given 2 Cockatiels. In their lifetime they produced 21 eggs and I was the only one to survive. Each time my Bird Mom would lay about 4 eggs, but none of them ever survived until I came along.

It was 3 weeks before I hatched. My Human Mom said it was awesome to have the experience to watch a newborn bird hatch at home, but she’d never want to do it again because every time my Bird Parents fed me (every two hours) the entire cage would shake loudly and reverberate throughout the house.

My Bird Dad actually passed away a few months after I was born. Did you know with Cockatiels Dads do all the work of child care? He was exhausted after I was born and passed away and now I don’t have any bird siblings. But I love Brodie & Blake.

Whenever Brodie opens a bag of chips, I swoop in and steal some and I often cuddle his neck. Blake the cat lets me sit right on his head and cuddle him too. The German Shepherd lets me walk along his back and I’ll sit on my Human Mom’s head the entire time she does housework.