Written By: Wednesday, April 12th 2017

Geologic marvels.

Pristine wilderness and stunning landscapes.

Crystal lakes and streams.

Diverse wildlife and habitat.

1000’s of kilometers of hiking trails and exploration.

Recreational oasis.

Pride of country.

These, are just a few of the features and attractions that make up Canada’s National Park system, a globally recognized effort to protect and put on display some of the worlds natural treasures. Our park system was recently featured in the National Geographic Magazine.

And in this year of 2017, we Canadians have an opportunity unlike before, to seize the chance to explore our natural environment, as our nation joins in a coast-to-coast group hug to celebrate our 150th anniversary of Confederation.

To mark this milestone, all of our national parks are offering free access to every Canadian who has a thirst for adventure.  All you have to do is go online and sign up for the free Discovery Pass.

Although there are 200 different national parks and historic sites, lets have a quick peak at a handful of unique and exciting places to visit.


One of the greatest national parks that is close to our region, is the Trent Severn Waterway.


If you are a boater, the TSW offers nearly 400 kilometers of meandering liquid passageway across Central and South-Eastern Ontario.

Once the grip of winter has been released, the Trent will open up, with its spectacular lock system that lifts boaters along the magical water-ride.  You can order your 2017 Lockage pass, for free, by going online with your boat registration number, HERE.


This historic waterway takes boaters on a journey through many regions of Ontario, offering numerous attractions, marinas, shore-stay opportunities, restaurants, hiking opportunities and moorings.
The TSW begins in Georgian Bay, winding through the Severn region, through Lake Couchiching, down into Lake Simcoe and east to the Kawarthas. The waterway finally empties out where Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River meet.  If you’ve never had a chance to experience one of the great pleasure-craft canal and lock systems in the world, 2017 may provide one of the best opportunities, given free passage.