Written By: Monday, February 5th 2018

As a kid my mom and I would go out for dinner as a special treat. It was just the two of us and with a kid that LOVED pasta (like almost every kid) we’d go to our favourite and local italian eatery — Frankie’s on Anne St. This place was great, it was in a standalone house, where the first floor was converted to a small open kitchen with maybe 10 tables inside. While Frankie and his wife and baby lived upstairs. I remember being a little girl and standing near the kitchen watching him toss the spaghetti in the big strainer and knew my dinner was coming soon.


(not Frankie’s…obviously)


It’s memories like this that make a certain place feel like home.


There were also the days when my family would have an event, like a birthday or something and we’d all head over to Bayfield St and go for the Crock & Block breakfast. And who could forget about that DELICIOUS bread in the small cup thing! We found this photo on their former Yelp account.


Since I grew up close to downtown, my mom and I would walk all the time to the water and down Dunlop Street. My Aunt worked near City Hall and we’d often go to some classic locations along Barrie’s main strip. Ruanne’s, Reggies Sandwich Factory and of course Players. That place was great…a store and breakfast/lunch!? I loved the old school feel of the stools at the counter and the flat top grills right there. I can smell the fried eggs!


Mary Harris did a nice article when Players was closing that you can check out here on Barrie Today.



Ruanne’s in Barrie on Dunlop St — I found this classic picture courtesy of a website called Mapio.net



There are so many more restaurants that have come and gone in Barrie — the mexican place across the street from Ruanne’s that’s now gone, the Sovereign in Creemore (now reopened with a new name), the Restaurant in the Wellington plaza BEFORE the construction and renovations. The Thai restaurant that was at the Five Points — before that burnt down. Honestly…so many more.

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