Written By: Thursday, March 30th 2017

I was really impressed with the entries that came in for our Watchamacalit contest. We asked for the stories behind the names of your beloved vehicles – past and present. YOU REALLY LOVE YOUR CARS!

Someone asked if there was a place they could go see the best entries. I thought – There SHOULD be. So now there is. Some of my favourite either cars or stories below. ~Meg

The Leaf Mobile

Tom from Barrie:
My car’s name was “The Leaf Mobile ” 1980 Toyota Tercel. We painted the car in 1993 for the Toronto Maple Leaf’s play offs. This picture was taken in front of Maple Leaf Gardens the night the Leafs put St. Louis out and went on to play L. A. The car had 6 leaf’s autographs written on the car. The car made it on MacLeans magazine and the hockey video “The Passion Returns”. The Tercel was then displayed inside a bar called the “Play Ground ” in Barrie.


Mark from Sharon
Not a car.,motorcycle though. Her name is Dharma. If you remember the tv show “Dharma and Greg”
My 07 ducati 1098s is rightfully named because of her. She is a pretty darn hot and freaking crazy as batsh!t! She has a mind of her own and she is not afraid of letting you know who’s in absolute control!

Death Proof & The Rustang!

Veronica from Orillia
The lovely Neon that you see here is my current car on the road. I, myself have been through a few serious injuries/accidents, and so has my car….. It has about a thousand cosmetic issues, cracks in the windows, but still runs great and refuses to die! It’s funny how sometimes the un-pretty, older cars that cost almost nothing to keep on the road are the ones that keep chugging along for years!! I also drive a bit like a stunt-man, so, fittingly, my car is named “death proof” and has the decals to prove it. lol
The Rustang – The picture isn’t actually my car, as I don’t believe I even have one of it anymore. However this one is almost exactly it, only mine was blue and there were complete holes rusted right THROUGH it in spots. It was my trusty steed throughout high school, but was sadly retired as the rust finally became too much for even the “Rustang” to handle…. miss that awesome eyesore… lol

Billy Bob

Daniel from Muskoka:
A little inspiration from the 1999 movie Varsity Blues. Billy Bob was loud and proud and he drove a close replica to what i have, people either Love it or are scared of it.
Its a 1979 Chevy Silverado. I have the decal of Billy Bob’s name on the door just like he did.
The name was easily chosen and suits it well.


Don from Barrie:
My friend had this beauty’ shipped from Texas! Finally after a year my friend decided he was going to sell it and called me
I went that day and picked it up!
He’s a beauty and the kids called him Barney ! 1947 Ford Ton and a half
Everything is all original
Old potato truck from Texas

7 of 8

James from Orillia:
Meet” 7 of 8″. While working in Welland ON at a solar farm on my way there the truck started bucking and lost power going over the Burlington Skyway. I checked fluids, wires you name it couldn’t find anything wrong. So I limped to my motel in Port Colborne and drove it to work. Took it to CTC and after about 4 hours they informed me that there was no compression in one of the cylinders. They said I needed another engine. I had them disconnect the fuel injector and drove it for a couple of months on 7 cylinders. After being laid off I pulled the valve cover and replaced a broken valve spring. It has passed 2 Drive Clean tests since then and is still running years later. It is a 2001 Dodge Ram (16 years old) and has over 247 thousand km’s on it and is still licenced and on the road. So I named it “7 of 8”. It has moved us 4 times, pulls our 24ft trailer and is great to have when you see roadside deals like a big oak desk we got for $20 while driving back roads. Best vehicle I ever owned.

The Irish Outlaw

Eric from New Lowell:
Our car is a 1972 Monte Carlo RestoMod. The 1972 Monte Carlo was the luxury muscle car of its day, it could be had with a 454 and ours has been made that much better.

She has a fuel injected Vette engine pushing out about 350hp, Turbo 350 tranny with a shift kit, posi 10-bolt and nice wide meats all around. It has some heritage too, used to be owned by the one and only Ronnie Hawkins! Green, driven by a red head, a little nasty and can be thristy at times.

That’s why she’s called THE IRISH OUTLAW!

Jerry the Jeep

Matt from Barrie:
My SUV is named Jerry the Jeep. We have been on many adventures together including racking up over 510000km on the odometer. The picture I submitted has me ice fishing with the Jeep on the French River. She still has the original engine in her. People are able to recognize my vehicle because of it’s very distinctive desert sand colour. I use her for work and have done many trips to the cottage. I don’t know what I would do without her.

The Maxi Pad

Emma from Bracebridge:
I paid a whole loonie for my car. It’s a 1996 Nissan Maxima. It’s older than me, and I call it the “Maxi Pad.”

My neighbour died 17 years ago and her car just sat in the garage for 16 years. Her son told me I could have the car if I could get it to move out of the drive way. So we hooked ol’ max up and brought it home. I was planning on calling my new freedom mobile “Max” but not long after I got it home my mom and brother kept telling me to move my piece of sh!t Maxi Pad out of their spots so the name started to stick.
My neighbour was a really nice old lady that had her license taken away the last couple years of her life, so he car was mainly used to dive up and down the drive way to collect the mail! Joan smoked like right out of the 70’s, when the Sargent general surgeon recommended Cigarettes for weight loss and anxiety! And now Joan haunts my car.

Sometimes when you hit the unlock button the windows will roll down a crack; just enough for a dart! The dart smoking old broad haunts my car opening the windows when ever she wants. And every time you open the glove box you smell a whiff of her old air freshener.
But I’m proud to drive my old lady beige low-rider. It gets me where I’m going and we’re listening to cassettes on the way, or what ever radio station has the least fuzz.

The Nubbin

Victoria from Barrie: The History of the Nubbin
To fully understand the name of our current car, you must understand how our former car got its name. In 2008, my then fiancé, Alexander, now my husband, had just gotten his first car. It was a silver 2004 Kia Rio hatchback. Alexander had recently accepted a job in Thunder Bay and I had yet to move up there, but myself, his mother and his sister all went to visit him for Christmas. At this point none of us had seen his new car, but we knew that he bought one. At some point during the visit we took the car out to get some groceries and my mother-in-law, Nancy, saw the licence plate. “I’m sorry to say this Alexander,” Nancy said, “but your license plate say Boob.” Sure enough, there it was, not the conventional way of spelling boob, but close enough…. B-E-W-B. “Well, I do believe it’s the Silver Boob” chuckled my mother-in-law. We all laughed and the name stuck, until its untimely demise.

Just over a year and a half later, after what had been a fantastic night of celebrating a marriage, just a block and half away from the reception hall, I pressed on the gas and nothing happened. I quickly learned there was something terribly wrong with the car. The boob was no longer supported by its timing belt and the engine seized. This was an end of an era, but a start of a new one.

A couple days later my husband and I went on the hunt for a new car. We eventually decided on a red Hyundai Accent and we said one final goodbye to the Silver Boob as we transferred the license plates to the new car. Now we acknowledged that we had grown attached to the Boob name and, since the cars shared the same license plates, it was fitting that the new car’s nickname would be similar. Our first thought was to call it the Red Boob, but we agreed the name sounded a little too painful. Another big difference aside from the colour of the two cars was the size. The Hyundai Accent was indeed smaller. What we had was a small Red Boob, or to those that are fans of the sitcom Friends… a Nubbin. On the show, Chandler had a third nipple, significantly smaller than the other two, which he called his nubbin. And so we began calling our car “The Nubbin.”

After moving to Manitoba for a couple years then moving back to our home province, sadly we could not find our old Ontario license plates. Our car no longer wears its name sake but the Nubbin name lives on.

The Dodge Fart

Nancy from Gravenhurst:
Back in the ’80’s my first car was a 1969 Dodge Dart GT. It was brown, greasy and all I could afford in college. One day I got pulled over by the OPP with a busted tail light. The office looked at the ownership then the car and said with a smile, “Ya it pretty much is!” The ownership said Dodge Fart and that’s what we called her! Sorry no pictures of us together…she wasn’t pretty! She looked like the attached but she was jacked at the back!

The Beast

Scott from Barrie:
It was a 1994 GMC Sierra SLE. Extended cab 4WD.
It was a trade in from a one owner farmer.
It had broken springs, leaking every fluid, dirt, mud and muck inside.
The only saving grace was that it was not used in winter. No salt or rust. It had 325000km on it.
I fell in love with the truck instantly. It was the last year for the square interior. In 1995 GM revamped the interior design and engine.
It was a beast. So it became “the beast” when I was done with it 3 years later. It was my pride and joy. Ran like a top. Loud and mean, yet gentle on the road. A perfect daily driver yet come time to offroad, it went.
I drove it for two years and eventually sold it to buy a new project. The buyer drove it for 5 more years afterwards.
I’d like to get another one….someday.

Rustango Duck

Shari from Barrie:
I passionately call her, “Rustango Duck”. She is a 2000 Dodge Durango, 4.7 V8. This is her best side and she is shy, as it’s the only section not held together by Duct Tape. I love the flow through ventilation from the rust hole in front end, being sucked out by the generous rust hole in her back gate. She also quacks in the passenger door lock every time she can go faster than an impressive 20 kmp!! I so enjoy seeing passengers jump when she quacks. I dont go fast anymore. I love all of the looks, high beams and car horns of other drivers admiring us. Everyone’s so friendly. Why make people speed up to catch a glimpse of my one of a kind baby! She gets awesome gas mileage down hill and fantastic in the driveway.

I got her to replace my totally restored Explorer who prematurely was sent to Highway Heaven with the help of an 87 year old who had to hit my bumper, deploying my airbags. I gleefully accepted the responsibility, how could I not, after all, I was thankfully stopped at a red light. I believe if I was moving, I would have been a harder target for him to hit. Yes, blamed 100% perhaps due to his age and being a retired lawyer, it would have been a bad image plus he would die before his insurance rates would come down.

So, after weeks of searching for a cheap car, Rustango Duck’s alarm went off at a car lot, grabbing my attention, and she came home. I take the bus often now. She just looks so good in the driveway and recently received custom detailed work of art from a stranger. It’s lovely!! I get so many comments, I run out of time getting things done. Selfish I know, but she is becoming a celebrity, and like actors, would be nice to be incognito sometimes.

Rustango Duck doesn’t have heat or air so no complaints as it makes her feel like a vintage classic and assisting in weight loss. Shiver in Winter, sweat in Summer!

She is a green environmental supporter, Rustango Duck is recycling and decomposing as I write this. I perform CPR and do Hail Mary’s each time before I turn the shiny key in the ignition. I wish to win a lottery or find a job, (please God), so I can place her as the lawn ornament she backfires to be.

Yes, she is old, missing parts and leaking just like me, two of a kind. .Rustango Duck and me, the journeys we’ve had, the gas she eats, the miles to travel, she is dependable for her Duck Quack, and very generous spreading parts of her to her adoring fans everywhere we drive.

Ravishin Ruby

Greg from Angus:
I have a 1969 Mustang Fastback named “RAVISHIN RUBY”. Back in 2009 I was diagnosed with Throat Cancer. After the surgery the doctors told me that stress is to cancer like gas to fire, so I was to try and not “STRESS” too much for the next 5 years after the surgery. So my daughter Amanda and I decided to build my dream car to try and take our minds off the impending “STRESS”. So in 2010 I bought a 69 Mustang and the rebuilding began. We stripped out ALL the interior and installed new. We spent numerous nights in the garage talking shop and me teaching her as much about cars and tools as I possibly could. This also gave us a lot of father-daughter time and something to help take our minds off cancer and onto something more positive. We rebuilt the motor along with everything we could get our hands on to fix or replace, which would take all day to list. This car became our lil Gem and the name RUBY stuck, also my Dads favorite song of all time is Ravishing Ruby by Tom T Hall and with him calling her that whenever he came to visit, it stuck so “RAVISHIN RUBY” was our lil gem. It has been 8 years now and the cancer is GONE. I truly believe that having RUBY to keep us occupied helped keep our minds busy and upbeat. We have met a lot of new people at car shows and even been featured in the Alliston Herald and Barrie Examiner telling of our story. Any way this is our story and we hope you like it enough to pick for your station, which is always on in my garage while working on my lil gem…Thanks


Shaun from Udora:
I bought this car in 19 something or other for my 23rd birthday. Its a 1970 Lotus Europa S2. It needed a few things to get certified so I did some fixing. Well, it didn’t pass. I was frustrated so I tore the car down and proceeded to re build it. Fast forward to now, my daughter is in her 4th yr at University and I’ve put more miles on the car pushing it on and off trailers than driving it the past 20 yrs. I have a very patient painter who has stored the car for me on and off (shout out to Rob Scythe at Scycraft Racing). Its been sold and bought back. Up for sale a thousand times but I can never seem to let her go. The cars name: Patience. and will actually be on the road next year – maybe 🙂 (attaced pic is the day I brought it home)

Doug’s L88

Steve from Penetang:
I met my friend many years ago on Halloween night. We were playing a joke and bumped heads as we hid behind some bushes . From that night we became life long friends. As years go by life too has a way of passing by, from the age of 18 my friend Doug had owned this car it had received a name that would not be appropriate for the air. It was stored for almost 25 years and my friend had decided to restore it. Unfortunately it was not to be. Cancer took my friends life and took away the dream. I was informed that his last wish was that the car would be given to me and that I was to restore it. I guess he new that I was OCD enough to do it. At times I still have been known to call it by its’ given name but within the family and friends it is known as Doug’s L88.


Jim from Essa:
The is Named GIZMO it’s 1977 AMC Gremlin X ( well know around the region) It’s fast, loud & turns a lot of heads as it cruises the streets of Simcoe county. It has appeared in Santa Claus parades , Senior complexes & local car show from Midland , Wasaga , Orillia , Barrie . Alliston, Innisfil , Newmarket & Toronto to name a few.

Stanislav the standard Saturn

Daphne from Oro Medonte:
I had my old friend, my 2003 Saturn L200 for 14 years, his name was Stan (short for Stanislav the standard Saturn). On March 17, 2017 I was told his sub-frame had rotted out and he was no longer safe. Broke my heart, I’ve had him longer than my hubby! I did find another car I could call my friend, meet Morris (as in Morris Minor way back in the day) my 2010 Mini Cooper S Clubman. Morris will never be able to replace my trusty old friend Stan but, hopefully this trusty little 6 speed manual, turbo charged Metallic Blue Mini will find another corner of my heart to reside in. He is well on his way after a week.

The Kat

Kim from Egbert:
Its a 1975 Mercury Bobcat wagon (brother to a pinto) 3 door, originally a woody wagon with roof racks
now lowered to 3″ road clearance. when I am out for a ride or at a car show it’s a huge hit with the little ones as I hear look mom or dad the car is on fire. the car has acquired the name The KAT


Deborah: This is is “Bula”. My late father’s 2nd dump truck, with him and 2 nephews. He started a haulage business at 16. I was born when he was 17. Seemed I slept better when riding in dump truck, so I did some runs with him early morning. Till one morning a tire blew on the truck when fully loaded with gravel and me sleeping on the passenger seat beside him. As he did through out his life, he took control of the wheel brought that truck to the side of the road and the other hand held me firm in the seat…. when I was told the story when I was old enough to understand what that exactly took to do, I looked up at my Dad and asked why the trucks name was “Bula”. He grinned and said it was the name of a tough old girl he new that could handle 17 kids and the farm chores.” I grinned, walked away and years later named my Bronco in 1988, “Bula”.

Summer of 69

Terry from Midland
Bought a 69 Chevelle in 1973 off my aunt who bought it new in 1969
Put it away for years then when my 1,st born was ready to come home from the hospital in 1979. I built a dealer plate on it picked up my wife and daughter drove them home. Since then I’ve restored it back to original. Needless to say it will be her car someday License plate says Summer of 69

Big Sugar

Ron from Beeton
The year I was going to turn 40….. with two young daughters on their way too high school i felt this was an appropriate time to pull my “Mid life crisis card”.
So with the blessing of my AWESOME wife…..I hunted down an early mucscle car…..a hard too find low production 1966 Dodge Charger….found it in Michigan and bought it over the phone…
Brought my buddy to pick it up….. As we were driving back … he asked ‘so what are you going to call it?’……at that very moment BIG SUGAR came on the radio…Little did I know the sequence of events that was about to follow. Couple years…. Had an oppurtunity to meet with Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar and discuss cars with him….. Turns out he also has a Charger…I quicky pulled a photo of mine to show him and he stated…”Thats My Car !” Year later…. Friend of mine …. Working on Gordie Johnson’s car…. Calls me…. Take a picture…..Same year, same colour, we even both had the same custom wheels on…..Years later Gordie and I met again…. Ps We’re the same age….I asked him to sign my console….. Notice he was a lefty…. As I am…. But plays guitar right handed…. So do I. So…. Gordie and I are both coincidently 1964 lefties… We both drive 66 white Dodge Chargers….. And without knowing it, I’d named mine after his band


Markus from Barrie
Me and my friends used to do an annual offroading/camping trip on Vancouver Island BC. one year, doing some late night wheeling we started to come across some people in the woods wearing light vision goggles and carrying infrared cameras. Found out they were filming and episode of Bigfoot hunters (they were looking for Bigfoot). When we got back to the main logging road they must have had given up and they were all driving out. Being the nice guy i am i pulled to the side of the narrow road to let them pass and managed to put my truck on its side in the ditch.
My friends had such a hard time getting it upright and out of the ditch my truck was nicknamed the DITCHPIG!
The name stuck, over the years it has never left me stranded and has taken me from the deserts of the southern states to the far reaches north of the arctic circle.


Mark from Oro Medonte:
Pokey is the name of my 1977 VW Camper Bus. I bought him 5 years ago as a Mid age crisis antidote.

It worked.

I had one in my early 20’s and sold it once the kids came along. 20 years later I bought another one. VW buses typically get names allocated to them. After driving him for a while and with a top speed of 110 km/h and with the colour of Gumby’s sidekick, we decided that “Pokey” would be a great name. Luckily my licence plate was available SLWPOKEY. Pokey gets waves, peace signs and smiles wherever he goes.

And my personal favourite (Obviously) …..

The Fry Truck

Jason: We have a 1985 1ton 4wd dodge truck, we and friends call it varoius names
And most commonly in our house “THE VEGGY TRUCK”
The truck was originally an air force truck in Arizona.
It’s in awsome condition.
I bought it primarily to run alternative fuels as its now a deisel.
In the summer months my son and I travel the area collecting used fry oil (vegetable oil) from various french fry trucks. In turn burning it thru the truck.. Our family of 4 did a 1500km trip in northern Ontario a couple years ago for only $40.00 on deisel as it does still require a bit to run properly.

It often gets thumbs up. Sometimes people can smell the fry oil and comment with questions. It inspires many to different levels when they learn its versatility. We drive it daily during summer months from getting groceries to hauling firewood.. It’s a summer toy that everyone’s comfortable in.
We love it!