Written By: Thursday, February 1st 2018




1. You can afford your mortgage.

‘Nuff said.  And even if you can’t actually afford it all that well, we aren’t selling dilapidated slums for $750 000

Remember this?


Photo Credit: Toronto Storeys Here’s What $750 000 Can Get You In Toronto: Viewer Imagination Is Advised

2. Snow days.

The snow here is nuts. You’ve definitely come home from work to find the plow has blocked in your driveway and that sucks. But you can also call your boss and say you can’t get out of your driveway and they believe you.

3. You already live where everyone wants to be.

No commute necessary.

4. Your clothes can suck.

Yeah, spend a weekend in Toronto, and it’s immediately obvious you’re a bit behind the fashion times. But what I’ve saved on Blundstones, I’ve spent on beer.
I mean RRSPs.

5. You know how to DRIVE.

Winter roads are hell. You can’t see a thing. But you are comfortable in a blizzard that would keep Toronto home. You’re fine.

Side Note: I had a Doctor’s appointment in Toronto recently where the nurse told me people from Barrie are you BEST patients. They NEVER reschedule. They show up an hour early in an ice storm when all their Scarborough patients cancelled.

6. You know where the good beaches are.

We have great spots at Centennial beach, Balm Beach and Wasaga’s Beach Area 3, but that’s probably not where you are. Because you know how to find this

7. You have a driveway.

I know you don’t spend any time being grateful for your driveway, especially not when you have to shovel it, but they’re pretty rare in downtown TO, and condo parking spaces cost MORE than some cars. Even outside Toronto where driveways are the norm…. friends are still looking for somewhere to leave their car when they stay overnight. Plus this one has a turtle in it!

8. I’ve literally skied to my front door.

People travel hours and endure traffic to find the trails, beaches and hills that are often unadvertised, unmapped and right next door. But you know your way around them because you live here.

9. You know about this place

10. And this place

11. And this one…. Home of the $2 ice cream cone!

12. You know where this…. and know to hope your movie is in Cinema 3

14. And this…

15. You know at least one person with a boat

And sometimes they let you hang out on it!

16. You have a backyard

Do you know what a backyard costs in Toronto???? They almost don’t exist. But you have one.

It might be small and full of weeds, but on Monday of a long weekend you can certainly sit in it with a coffee and contemplate the full day ahead of you – with no traffic!