Written By: Monday, August 28th 2017

Numerous police forces banded together to seize 1,062 kilos of cocaine in a major drug bust that came to Canada through the Port of Montreal and parts of Ontario. This is the largest drug bust in OPP history.

The cocaine originated from Argentina and after being tested came back as 97% pure. The shipment as a whole has a value of $60 million dollars, but if it were to be cut up and sold separately its value skyrockets to upwards of $318 million if sold by the gram.

After months of investigating the OPP, Peel Regional Police, CBSA, the DEA in the US, and officials in Montreal were able to make the bust and arrest three Canadians responsible for importing the huge shipment. They are now facing several drug related charges, and if convicted each could be facing up to 25 years in jail.

The wall of cocaine as displayed at OPP Headquarters

Below is the news conference from the OPP, but you can also read more about it here.