Written By: Thursday, April 5th 2018

It was one of the most wintery April days we’ve seen in years.
Yesterday afternoon’s wind and snow-storm led to dozens of vehicle crashes, cars sliding off roads, power outages, and wind damage.
as many as 50 cars were involved in at least two major smack-ups on Highway 400, right in the Barrie area, as wind-whipped squalls danced across the highway.
The southbound lanes of the highway were closed between Duckworth Street and Bayfield.
Luckily,  just a few minor injuries, and the highway was opened around 6 last evening.

Highways are in pretty good shape this morning, but back roads and concessions now very icy in places, so give yourself some extra time getting to the main routes this morning.
There are still some power outages across central Ontario, including a couple hundred along the beach just north of Wasaga, more than 500 near Sawlog Bay, and thousands across cottage country, including a pocket of about a thousand customers just north of Bala.

Sun and cloud today, with a high near zero.