Written By: Wednesday, December 6th 2017

The great debate…is Die Hard a Christmas movie?



“Hell yes” some would say…other a mere “meh” is the only answer you’ll get. But what else is out there?

Well there’s your classic Frosty The Snowman and the timeless Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.


A family tradition my Mom and I had growing up was to watch It’s a Wonder Life starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed — it wasn’t Christmas if we didn’t watch that together at least once.


But now that I’ve got a family of my own what are we doing now, other than watch hours of Paw Patrol on repeat? Well, I’ve been digging around and have found some that I think are must watches…but what do I know.

A Charlie Brown Christmas – love the musicality of it!


The Polar Express – because Tom Hanks, and it’s just such an adventure for kids and adults.


Scrooged – Bill Murray’s character who is so full of himself and cares about no one…and is just so unwilling to see past that…big fan.


Let’s throw it back to 1932 with Mickey’s Good Deed. It’s old school hand drawn Disney, with Mickey’s squeaky voice.


I really have to say though that the original The Santa Clause movie is a favourite of mine. I love Tim Allen’s reluctant attitude to become Santa and essentially save Christmas.