Written By: Friday, September 15th 2017

The Culture Midland Awards recognize and celebrate excellence in all areas of cultural creation and contribution.

The purpose of the Culture Midland Awards Program is to communicate the importance of culture, to inspire the cultural community and to recognize and celebrate the cultural talent in our community. In addition, the Culture Midland Awards seek to increase the visibility of Midland’s cultural contributors and cultural leaders and their achievements, and to cultivate financial and volunteer support for the cultural sector.


The concept of “culture” is very broad. It has been defined as “the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.” (Live Science, February 19, 2015). In the Midland area context, our cultural resources include cultural heritage (historic sites, plaques, monuments and buildings); cultural spaces and facilities (cultural centers, cinemas, religious institutions, food establishments, performing arts venues, and educational institutions): community cultural organizations (Aboriginal groups, art groups, multicultural groups, community bands and choirs, heritage groups and horticultural groups); cultural enterprises (libraries and archives, music studios, breweries and wineries, art galleries, book stores, museums and antique dealers); festivals and events (arts festivals, gallery or studios tours, fall fairs, street festivals, music festivals, and food and wine festivals); and natural heritage (local parks, trails, nature centers, and conservation areas).


Nominees for the Culture Midland Awards are assessed by an arms-length Jury based on the following criteria:

– excellence
– sustained development (except Emerging Talent category)
– impact on the Midland area community (includes volunteer cultural involvement)


Emerging Talent Award
Sponsored by: Sedgwick, Post & Hogg LLP

The Emerging Talent Award is presented to an emerging Midland area cultural contributor in celebration of current accomplishments and future potential. The Jury may consider nominees of any age who have recently engaged in a cultural activity.

Founders / Builders / Historical Contributors Award
Sponsored by: The Villa Care Centre

This Award recognizes and celebrates lifelong dedication to cultural development in the Midland area. The recipient may be a patron of cultural activities, a corporate supporter of cultural activities, an individual (living or dead) or organization that has been a significant contributor to the promotion and development of culture in the Midland area; or an individual or business that has made an important contribution to culture in the Midland area through innovative, trans formative, entrepreneurial and/or philanthropic contributions.

Education in Culture Award
Sponsored by: HGR Graham Partners LLP

This Award celebrates an individual, collective or organization that has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to engaging Midland area residents through cultural education Activities.

Excellence in Culture Award
Sponsored by: The Town of Midland
This Award is presented to a Midland area individual engaged in any area of cultural pursuit who has received critical recognition for excellence both in the Midland area and beyond, who has been actively engaged in their cultural activity for at least 10 years and whose activity has made an impact on the Midland community.


Nominators must complete an official nomination form, provide the name of an endorser and include a description of the candidate’s contribution to the arts in the Midland area. The nominator and endorser must not be a family member or co-habiting partner and, when the nominee is an organization, the nominator and endorser cannot be a board member or staff member of the organization. Culture Midland Awards Subcommittee members may not submit nominations while they serve on the Committee. Official nomination forms are available only in electronic form on the Culture Midland website: http://www.culturemidland.ca/


The Jury is appointed annually by, but stands at arms-length from, the Culture Midland Awards Subcommittee, a subcommittee of Culture Midland. The Jury has the prerogative to make decisions it deems necessary with regard to nominees. Jury members may not submit nominations in the year in which they serve on the Jury. It is the Jury’s prerogative to determine if there are qualified nominations in any category. If not, an award will not be given in that category. Eligible nominations for any category may be carried over to the next year, with the agreement of the nominee. The Jury also has the prerogative to re-designate the award category proposed by the nominator.

Deadline for nominations is October 27th, 2017.