Written By: Friday, September 8th 2017

Hi! I’m Duke!

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I live in a house with 4 boys from ages 5 to 18, a Mom and a Dad. When my Dad came to pick me up for the very first time he’d seen a picture of my brothers and sisters and had his eye on one of them.


She wanted nothing to do with him, but I flew right at him and stuck to him like glue and MADE SURE I went home with him. Best decision ever!

They thought I was part German Shepherd part Great Pyrenees…. which is true… but I tricked them! My Dad was also part Blue Heeler which means I’ve got Lots, I mean, LOTS of energy!

I’m super hyper, need (and get!) lots of stimulation. My mom says I basically need attention constantly. But why wouldn’t anyone want to play with me All. The. Time? I’m awesome! That’s why I have my own Instagram account!

My mom says you know how in every kids’ movie there’s one goofy, shrill and slightly crazed character? That’s me:)




But I’m helpful too! I really good at teaching lessons.

My family knows to keep their flip flops off the ground. I’ve gone through 5 pairs since July.

But I don’t eat the left shoes. Ever.

They taste weird.