Written By: Thursday, September 21st 2017

This is not a sad post.

It’s exactly the way I want it.

My mom submitted a picture of me to the radio station swimming. When they called they didn’t know I’d been sick and I already had an appointment booked. My mom had prepared for Monday to be our last day together, but I died on my own terms at home, the day before my mom talked to The Dock. Even my vet said it’s the perfect send off for the world’s most social dog.

Just like I planned.

My name was Dooley. I taught myself how to dive to the bottom of the lake to fetch things. One day my frisbee landed in the pool and I just dove down to get it. My mom freaked out thinking I was going to drown, but ever since then I’d been spending entire days at the lake, chewing my Dollar Store ball until it popped, letting it sink to the bottom and catching it. All day long from 8am til 7pm. I love water so much my family named their boat after me.

And they’d laugh every time I’d bend my frisbee to make it look like lips.

I wasn’t a typical lab. After I died, my mom was going through my toys and found my original stuffy from 13 years ago. I still had it. I wouldn’t shred or trash things like most labs but I DID get up to a lot of antics.

I loved to cut the grass with my Dad. I would drop my Kong in front of the tractor and bark until he got off and picked it up. Over and over again. It would take 2 hours to cut the grass instead of one. But we both loved it. The cut grass would turn my feet green.

And one time, when I went out for my night pee I ran into the neighbour’s yard. They’d just had their septic pumped! There was so much good stuff to roll in!! I loved it! I smelled delicious.

My mom does a lot of charity work in Barrie, especially with the Food Bank, Chamber of Commerce and Project Lifesaver. Because she’s out and about at events, I was out and about all the time and I know I LOT of people.

And I knew how to charm them.

All our neighbours had dog cookies for me and I would stand outside their house and bark until they came out to give me some.

I was a bit of a celebrity in life and it’s fitting I’m The Dock’s Picture Perfect Pet the week after I passed away. Even my vetrinarian thinks the timing is uncanny. But you humans don’t understand what really powers this universe we all share.

‘Til me meet again