Written By: Friday, September 15th 2017

Hi! I’m Dusty!

I love the hose and try to bite water every chance I get! My Dad actually has to keep me inside any time he needs to water the garden.

I’m a miniature Australian Shepherd. I look young and spry but I’m actually retired! I still love to play and my Mom and Dad throw balls and discs for me in the backyard every night but at 12 years old, I don’t compete anymore.

I used to compete in Disc & Agility. Australian Shepherd is a very common breed for disc, but all types of breeds compete. Essentially, we try to catch as many Frisbees as possible in a set time limit or from varying distances or even do a wicked freestyle Frisbee show.

I competed in Disc but was best at Dog Agility. I made it to the highest level – Master Agility Dog of Canada.

You may not realize it, but Dog Agility is big in Ontario.

There are a lot of talented dogs here that go to World Dog competition. My Mom even has friends that just got back from the European Open in Italy with their dog! My trainer is out of Loretto and the KOA is Cookstown does Simcoe Dog sport. There’s even a Wednesday night house league for it! Simcoe Dog Sport

There are three dogs in my family.

Smoke, on the left, is two and very silly in this picture. He’s in training and hasn’t started competing yet.

Deuce, in the middle, is 11 and also retired and I am on the right and clearly in charge, with the nicest blue eyes. Don’t you think?

Of the three of us, I am the Diva. My mom says when I was competing I’d get to the top of a dog walk and stop and look around to make sure everyone was watching. Just like they should be! I’m very attractive.