Written By: Monday, March 12th 2018

Doug Ford is the new leader of the Ontario PC party.

In what was at times a dysfunctional process, filled with surprises and twists and turns, the leadership race ended over the weekend with the narrowest of victories for Ford, who actually got less votes than Christine Elliot, but wins on points and ridings in a voting process few outsiders understand.  Elliot was said to be ready to challenge the results, but met with Ford yesterday, conceding defeat and feeling it best to get on with the real job at hand, defeating Kathleen Wynne in the June provincial election.

Ford’s victory statement is contained in a tweet he sent out last night.

Runner-up Christine Elliot also chimed in through Twitter.


And, from former leader and brief leadership contender Patrick Brown.

The next Ontario election, is coming up on June 7th.