Written By: Friday, March 2nd 2018

Only days after the latest federal budget was released, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stopped in a Georgian College in Barrie.

The PM had a round table with students at the college to talk about the new pay equity bill that’s been laid out in the 2018 budget. After that, Justin visited with some of the civil engineering students and was able see what they were working on and do some hands on training.

After visiting with students, Trudeau spoke to the media and took questions. On everyone’s mind was what was Canada going to do if US President Donald Trump imposes new tariffs on Canadian steel (25%) and aluminum (10%). He answered by saying “The United States has a $2-billion surplus on steel with us, so we regard the imposition of any new tariffs or any tariffs on steel or aluminum between our two countries as absolutely unacceptable….”

Justin went on to say that there is so much there is integrated military and defence of North America with a broad range of security that it makes no sense to highlight Canadian steel/aluminum as a security threat to the US — and it’s something that he’s spoken to Trump about in the past.