Written By: Monday, August 28th 2017

It’s the last long weekend before school starts, before summer really feels over and you’re out of vacation time — with the exception of the time you booked off at Christmas.

So what are you going to do to really take advantage of it? Will you unplug? Close down the cottage/boat for the season? Or have one last broo-ha-ha?!

I think that these tips are the best way to go when it comes to enjoying the last “summer”-esque long weekend!

1.Go Old School – Disconnect for 24hrs – No Phone! No Tech!


2. Get Active – or Not; Just get the blood flowing. You’ll remember what it feels like to BE ALIVE!


3. Be Social – Good Friends & Good Times = Happiness

This is the last long weekend that’s not already booked up with travelling to visit family or other seasonal obligations. If you’re looking for something to do Illuminate Barrie will be on this weekend. Lots of family/kids stuff, fireworks and science and animal displays!


4. Treat yourself to something nice, literally. My go-to is Kawartha Dairy ice cream or a milkshake when I want a treat. But if you’re is a juicy steak or good book — have at’er and take some “me time” before you buckle back down.


5. Sit back & relax – You deserve it. You’ve shuttled your family across highways for gatherings, weddings and vacations. You don’t have to go balls to the wall for the last long weekend of the summer. Instead, set up a kiddie pool in your yard and with your feet in the water and just chill. Unless it’s raining…then I’d say put on a pot of chili and chow down. But either way…take it easy before getting back into the swing of life. C’est la vie!