Written By: Friday, November 3rd 2017

Our final Dock Picture Perfect Pet is a dogsledding family!

It’s kind of cool how they got into this. They actually wanted to get into Skijoring, which is a cross between cross country skiing and and dog sledding.

They got two puppies, Jade & Zeus, who they would eventually Skijor race with in Kearney in Haliburton. On a whim, they bought a charity raffle ticket from their breeder. Brittany ended up winning a dog sled. That projected them toward learning how to dog sled. The year they got married they got Roo & Timber.

Jade isn’t in this picture as she’s retired. They got her from the OSPCA ten years ago. Zues is the larger black one. He has a squiggly lightning bolt on his neck. He’s the alpha who keeps everyone in line. He’s a really good puller – the powerhouse of the team. He typically runs in the back of the sled. He’s really protective of the human babies in the family.

Brittany says Timber is more of a dorky dog. He would LOVE to be a couch dog and not actually do any work. And Roo (stands for Ready on One) is the only registered dog in the bunch. Her Dad has actually done the Iditarod in Alaska. She’s a dog who loves everyone with the sweetest personality, but the second that harness comes out she is hyper with energy and ready to run – hence the name.

Their family has a land rig, which is kind of a stand up bike thing on wheels, that allows the dogs to practice pulling in the shoulder seasons. They’d do that on grass in the spring and fall. It’s too hot in the summer. As soon as there’s enough of a snow base for the skis, they get out and running.

This is a busy little household, with two kids under two and four dogs. Brittany describes her household as hairy, busy and chaotic but amazing.

And she doesn’t mean hairy in the ‘frenzied’ sense. She literally means covered in hair. With four huskies I’m sure you can imagine. She and her husband actually added a room in the back as an addition to the house just for the dogs to sleep in! That helps to keep most of their hair to one room.

Their favourite race to do as a family is in Kearney. A race is 6K. With the Husky breed (typically more of an endurance dog) that would normally take them about 30-32 minutes to complete. The commands they use are “Hike!” to speed up, ‘Gee!’ to turn right and “Ha!” to turn left. They have a brake on the sled because that’s pretty much the only thing that will slow them down!