Written By: Thursday, October 5th 2017

Hi my name is Baby Winfield!

I’m a miniature donkey and I’ll grow to be about 30 inches tall. At a year old I’m about 24 inches tall.

You used to be able to pick me up and I’d put my head on your shoulder, but now I’m a bit too big to be picked up.

Miniature Donkeys have similar personalities to full grown donkeys, but since I’m still a baby, I very much have the personality of a human toddler right now. I’m always trying to put stuff in my mouth and I’ll rear up when I’m frustrated.

I’m a male – a jack – so I’m a bit sassier than a female donkey. I bite a bit too much right now but my Mom and Dad are working on that. I somehow already know to be gentle with kids though.

They like to run alongside my fence at the farm and I run with them. When they put their arms through the fence I know to be gentle.

I live on a 63 acre acre farm in Washago with horses and dogs.