Written By: Thursday, August 24th 2017

Several schools in Simcoe County will have new start and end times for the 2017/2018 school year, and the Simcoe County District School Board is doing it to help save money.

The SCDSB’s current transportation budget is $18 million, but are sitting in a $700,000 deficit. These changes to drop off/pick up times will help mitigate those issues by $400,000 approximately, according to a the communications office at the SCDSB.

Many schools will start between 10 and 30 minutes later, but still holding the same length of the day. Right now only elementary schools are affected by the time changes, but next year the board will be review more schools alongside the Catholic School Board. More details are available on the SCDSB’s website here.

Tecumseth Beeton                            +25 minutes                    9:30am / 3:50pm

Fred C Cook                                       +10 minutes                     9:10am / 3:30m

Baxter Central                                   +10 minutes                     9:20am / 3:40pm

Tay Shores                                         -10 minutes                       9:05am / 3:25pm

Ardagh Bluffs                                    +25 minutes                      9:20am / 3:40pm

Ferndale Woods                               +20 minutes                      9:10am / 3:30pm

Hillcrest                                             +30 minutes                      9:25am / 3:45pm

Portage View                                     +15 minutes                       9:10am / 3:30pm

Alliston Union                                   +30 minutes                      9:00am / 3:20pm

Ernest Cumberland                          -15 minutes                        9:15am / 3:35pm

East Alliston                                        N/A                                     9:15am / 3:35pm

Harriet Todd                                      +15 minutes                        9:15am / 3:35pm

Regent Park                                        No change                           9:00am / 3:20pm

Emma King                                        +15 minutes                         9:10am / 3:30pm

Warnica                                               -10 minutes                         9:10am / 3:30pm

Adjala                                                  +10 minutes                         9:25am / 3:45pm