Written By: Tuesday, May 16th 2017

A new bill of rights was introduced today to give for air travellers better guidelines when it comes be what is and isn’t allowed.

After last month’s assault on a United passenger that was knocked unconscious, then dragged off the plane, the Ministry of Transportation introduced minimum amounts of compensation for travellers who volunteer to be bumped from their flight as well as other rules and guidelines.

Some changes include:

  • passenger compensation for giving up their seat on a flight, lost/damaged luggage, tarmac/non weather related delays,
  • parents won’t be forced to pay a fee to sit next to their child
  • better treatment of musical instruments under new standards when transporting them by air

As well as timelines for these compensations. Transportation Minister, Marc Garneau, is hoping to have this legislation in place by 2018.

More information on the possible changes can be found here at the Financial Post, and here on the government’s website.