Written By: Wednesday, February 15th 2017

Every year The World Photography Organization holds a contest for the best photograph taken that year.  The photos are often representative of what’s happening in our world today.  Visually, they are breathtaking.  Emotionally, they are distressing.

The winning photographer this year captured the image of an assassin who killed the Russian Ambassador to Turkey.  The photo is called ‘The Face of Hatred’ and the jurors voted it the winner because they said it spoke to them of what is happening around our world.

That devastates me but there is no denying it’s a powerful photo.

The categories are news, daily life, sports and nature categories.  A quick look around the winners paints an immediate picture of lives so far removed from mine it’s hard not to feel immediately grateful for whatever qualm is burdening you today.  I share these not to be the barer of bad news but because I couldn’t ignore them and had to share.