Written By: Wednesday, July 5th 2017

Are you ready for Air Conditioning?

There was a time I thought sleeping with the windows open was romantic and closing the blinds at the right time of day was a fun challenge.

No longer. I’m done.

All my adult fantasies now revolve around a cool night’s sleep and being able to remain on the second floor of my home throughout the month of August.

We’ve all been there:  9 things suckers without A/C have endured.


1. Butter that no longer has form


Napoleon Home Comfort Air Conditioning


2. Having to use a beer cozy IN the HOUSE

Napoleon Home Comfort Air Conditioning


3. Hanging out in the basement just to get some relief

Napoleon Home Comfort Air Conditioning


4. Quality time with your fridge



5. You OBSESS over your ‘blinds closed in the morning/blinds open in the evening’ routine


6. Having to blow dry your hair in 40 degree weather and being INFURIATED your male coworkers will never know that pain


7. No one’s allowed to leave the house when the baby’s napping because the blinds do this every time the door opens


Napoleon Home Comfort BBQ


8. Leaving your windows open means you get to hear all your neighbours’ antics



9. Your sheets are a tangled mess. And no one got any action

Air Conditioning


But let’s be real – it IS a GREAT reason to go pantless


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