Written By: Tuesday, October 18th 2016

Find yourself with no time to get dinner ready lately? But you don’t want to get one of those premade chickens or order pizza again?

Remember you have that crock-pot stashed under the cupboard that you haven’t used all year? Well it’s time to dust if off, give it a wipe and plug that bad boy in!

Crock-pot recipes are (usually) pretty simple, but make a super tasty and pretty much mess free meal.

Here are some great recipes that will help when you haven’t had two minutes to put the dishes away!

Cashew Chicken — this meal looks amazing!

With that surprise flavour of a crunchy cashew, and that sweet and spicy twist of the sauce. This should definitely be make an appearance in your crock-pot. Get the delicious recipe here…yummy!

Lasagna à la crock-pot — who would’ve thought?!

I’ve never thought to make lasagna in a crockpot, of course it’s possible…but it has never even crossed my mind. And in this recipe, they use spicy sausage as well as beef. Yep, we’re making this in our house! Here’s the recipe so you can too!

Beef Stew — A crock-pot staple

I’ve eaten this so many times, as I’m sure so many people have. But stew is a staple in any house really. My favourite part is dipping buttered white bread in the stew juice/sauce. The. Best. Thing. Ever. This recipe is straight forward and super simple to follow.

BBQ Chicken — Essentially pulled chicken. And yes, just as delicious as pork

My husband made this recipe once, and I begged him to make it again almost immediately. You don’t even have to make sandwiches, you can use the meat in tacos, lettuce wraps, or even on top of some rice with green onions.

*NOTE* Instead of using chicken breast, we used boneless/skinless thighs. The meat was so tender and juicy! I definitely suggest doing that instead!

Loaded Baked Potato Soup — Just Make It

I hold this recipe near and dear to my heart. I found it one day, and have made it for the past few years. It’s so rich, good, and just plain delicious.

*NOTE* Sometimes I’ll go out and get whipping cream instead of whole milk. Crazy I know! Also, we usually skip the sour cream when serving the soup. But we will do up some nice garlic bread to use to sponge up the bottom of the bowl. Enjoy this recipe as we have on several occasions!