Written By: Monday, October 2nd 2017

Sometimes in the media and news you get caught up in the numbers. How many people died, were injured or how many assailants were involved. Either way, sometimes it’s hard to get back to who is affected by all of the hateful and deplorable actions; the victims and their families.

Today in the newsroom, we’ve had a lot come across our desk… the Las Vegas Shooting, updates from the terrorist attack in Edmonton that left 5 people injured including an officer. As well as a 64 year old teacher charged with sexual assault and a robber who was genius enough to rob the same gas station twice less than 24 hours.

I found this article on the HuffPost about the victims of the Vegas shooting. The editors were able to gather news about the victims and who they were to their families, as well as snippets of stories of other people trying to help them after they were shot.

This makes the story human again and not faceless data.

What We Know About The Las Vegas Shooting Victims

This is what we know about the victims whose names have been released. Lisa Romero Lisa Romero was a secretary at Miyamura High School in Gallup, New Mexico. Romero’s cousin Ashley Romero told HuffPost that Lisa was a “happy-go-lucky person.” “She loved her kids and husband. And for this to happen so senselessly.