Written By: Friday, October 20th 2017

Meet Sheldon and Spencer, Pet Therapy Skinny Pigs.

Wait… hold up…did you hear that right? A skinny pig? Yes, that’s a hairless guinea pig.


Hi! I’m Sheldon! Spencer and I live with a Chocolate lab and a human named Shannon. Shannon got me first because she saw a picture of a skinny pig and HAD to have one. She was a bit shocked to find out how social skinny pigs are and quickly got Spencer so we could hang out.

Spencer and I are best buddies, but we’re different too. I’m a bit more laid back and content and Spencer is full of pizzaz and confidence and is always ready to have some fun. My favourite food is celery but watermelon rinds are pretty awesome too.

Our mom took us to an SPCA kids camp one summer and that went so well she starting visiting with us on pet therapy visits. We now regularly go to two sites, Choices & Able Living, to visit with patients. We fit perfectly in someone’s lap if they’re in a wheelchair and are light enough someone who’s had a stroke and lost the use of one side of their body can hold us with one hand.

We’ve also been to McMaster and local and elementary schools. We have our own instagram account where we love to dress up for holidays!!